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Garry Percell 

About This Artist:
Artist Summary
Genres: Smooth Jazz / R&B/ Soul, Gospel /Christian /Worship/ and Other 
Label: Upward Bound Music Group
Artist Bio

Garry Percell has played guitar for over 50 years and has a solid background in electric and acoustic guitar. Garry is a respected studio and stage musician, producer, project- consultant and has toured nationally with several recording artist. His Secular background has roots in R&B, Jazz, Blues such as the likes of Grammy Award Recording Artist General Johnson and the Chairman of the Board and recently toured with Betty Davis Band “Funk house”, Todd Curry and Focus and many others that have enable Garry Percell to share his gift with. Garry has been sharing his gift in the studio with some new upcoming artist recently by the name of Melvin Griffin The album "EIGHT" Jeremiah Jericho “Aggie In The Blood" Theme Song and “Hold On”, Wil E. Coleman “One Day” The Necessity Project”, Stanley Flake “No Turning Back” and Sheika Asali “One Night Stand” just to name a few. 
God blessed Garry to share the stage with Gospel artists like Richard Smallwood, Luther Barnes, Lee Williams and the QC’s and many others in the Gospel industry. I have been playing the guitar since I was nine years old. While I was in school at Reidsville Senior High I also help formed bands and talent shows. A few years later Robert Irving,III composer/producer/musician pianist at the time with The Legendary Jazz trumpeter Miles Davis, a friend and musician helped me get a job as a studio session guitarist in Chicago,IL. When off the road Garry can be found in his studio “Upward Bound Recording Studio” creating new music to be released in the near future!             
And the journey continues…
Garry Percell Guitarist